We guarantee 100% authenticity! We are proud of having established a meticulous authentication and quality process to ensure every item we offer on our site can be enjoyed with the same assurances as the day it was originally purchased.

The quality control process

Quality Control

We understand it can be difficult to assess quality when online shopping. Furthermore, vintage handbags can be more prone to damage than a new handbag if not treated properly. Every item is always examined individually by more than one expert to ensure the quality is consistent with our standards. Quality control is determined by careful examination of condition of the leather, hardware, stitching, handles, buttons and zippers.

Quality Rating System

We rate the condition of each item based on an analysis of leather condition, hardware condition, colour, as well as marks, scratches and other imperfections the item might have.

  • As new – the item shows no sign of use
  • Pristine – the item barely shows signs of use
  • Very good – the item is well looked after with few signs of use
  • Good – the item has been used regularly, but in good general condition
  • Fair – the item shows signs of use throughout

The item condition report found on the item sheet consists of a detailed description of the item further stating any imperfections.

We’ve got your back!

From experience we know which models are susceptible to common damages and weaknesses if not handled with care, and discard any item portraying developing signs of incurable damage. For certain models, such as the Louis Vuitton Noé which is prone to damage to the drawstring, we will include a replacement drawstring. We are passionate about what we do, and will go the extra mile to ensure an enjoyable experience for our customers from the day they receive their item and for many years to come.

Love and Care

In 2019, our team expanded with leather specialists carefully cleaning and conditioning every item to restore and preserve leather and hardware prolonging the lifetime of the item. This is invaluable when shopping a vintage piece as opposed to buying from the owner of a handbag on reselling sites.


If an item is ever in the need of replacing parts, we work directly with the brands to ensure originality of the item is kept to a 100%. If the bag comes to us with modifications or replaced parts, we will always inform about this in the item description.